Tips for Using Images in Your Assignments and Projects

A picture is worth a thousand word... and easy to find on the Internet. It has become increasing popular for students to use images that they have downloaded from the Internet in their reports, on posters, and included in their assignments. However, most of the time the student is violating copyright law and is guilty of plagiarism. Plagiarism is not permitted at NorKam.

There are ways to use images, to not violate copyright laws, and to avoid plagiarism. The best step you can take today is to not use google to search for images. Almost all of the images that show up in google are copyrighted and require the permission of the copyright holder before they can be used in your creative works. Instead, find a site that offers images free for your use, or use a search engine that can be enabled to search creative commons licensed images. Below you can find a list of sites that make images available free for your use, but be sure to credit the creator by using citations or recording the source of the image on the bottom of the photograph.

ccCreative Commons Licensing is a voluntary system of licensing that creators enter into that gives permission for others to use their images, as long as they meet a few conditions. Some of the conditions could include giving attribution to the creator, not using the image for commercial purpose, and any new work that makes use of the image should be similarly licensed. To find a Creative Commons Licensed image use a search engine such as that can look through a database of images for CC images.

cc attribution required cc non-commercial use no derivatives no derivative works (image cannot be altered) sharealike share-alike (any new works that make use of image must be shared with similar license)
Free Range Photos
free range
has a small collection of free images that are available for download as long as you register at site, has a lot of images that require payment as well
has a collection of works from creative artists that you are free to use
pixel perfect has a small collection of free images
search the categories at this site for the best results in your image search. Most of the images have CC share-alike licenses
one of the largest collections of images on the Internet, be sure to check the creative commons licensed box before you conduct your search
has a small collection of images, use both the search engine and the category interface to find the images you are looking for
great site to find high quality pictures of space exploration
DeviantArt Stock Images


Creative Commons Search engine
Dreamstime Free Section

Fotolia Free Section

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