Lab Expectations

While in the computer lab students are expected to respect and take responsibility for self, others, and property. These are the same general expectations that apply in all areas of the school. What follows is a short list of expectations that are specific to working in a networked computer lab.

  1. No food or drink is permitted at or near workstations - adequate time is provided during the day to eat, your time in the computer lab should be focused on learning and refining computer skills, sticky fingers make a mess of keyboards, and spilled beverages can cause damage to workstations and peripherals.
  2. Students must refrain from installing or modifying software - tampering with software can cause a computer to malfunction making it necessary for someone to spend time repairing the problem.
  3. Students must refrain from disconnecting cables - this will stop the computer from functioning property and time will be wasted making the necessary reconnections and rebooting the workstation.
  4. Students must have signed the Network Code of Conduct/Waiver form and handed in to the library - signing the form indicates with your agreement with the conditions governing network use in the school. Failure to comply with the agreement can lead to the loss of network privileges and a resulting loss of course credits.
  5. Workstations are for educational use - playing games and doing other activities for entertainment purposes can only be done with teacher permission.
Last modified: Friday, 22 June 2012, 8:49 AM