NorKam Secondary Effort Rubric 
Good (G)
Satisfactory (S)
Needs Improvement (N)


-is respectful of others' rights
-cooperates with teacher and peers
-contributes positively to the learning environment

-disruptive or disrespectful once or twice
-generally cooperative
-makes limited contribution to the learning environment

-frequently disruptive or disrespectful
-uncooperative with teacher and peers on multiple occasions
-chooses to not participate in the learning environment


-arrives in class with all materials
-demonstrates good organizational skills
-conscientious in obtaining/submitting missed work
-work completed and submitted on time
-seeks assistance when necessary
-maintains focus and is on task

-sometimes arrives in class unprepared
-somewhat disorganized
-some gaps in assigned work
-occasionally needs reminding of missed/late assignments
-although needed, infrequently seeks assistance
-occasionally lacks focus in class

-frequently comes to class unprepared or without materials
-lacks organization
-work often not submitted or submitted late
-makes little effort to keep up with missed assignments
rarely, if ever, seeks assistance
-lacks focus in the classroom


-rarely, if ever, late (provides notes)
-rarely finds cause to leave the classroom
-excellent attendance record with all absences excused
-follows classroom rules

-occasionally late, but no pattern exists
-occasionally finds excuses to leave class
-some classes missed without note
-generally follows classroom rules

-frequently late to class
-finds excuses to leave class
-attendance is unreliable with frequent unexcused absences
-has trouble following classroom rules


-exhibits a positive attitude
-work reflects students ability
-strives for quality

-maintains positive attitude most of the time
-quality of work is inconsistent with student ability
doesn't exert him/herself

-exhibits a negative attitude
-completed work often shows little care or effort
-frequently off task

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