Student Services

Career Counselling

The counsellors are also available to assist you with planning a career. A career library is maintained in the Counselling Office. Information is available on most colleges, universities, technical schools and vocational school in Canada. You will find links to a number of post-secondary educational institutions on this page. Students are encouraged to get educated about these places so that they can make wise choices.

Personal Counselling
NorKam Counsellors are qualified and willing to assist you in coping with personal problems. This counselling is a confidential process in which a student has freedom to express his/her ideas and concerns. In addition, counsellors can help guide students to additional services that are available in the community. Students experiencing problems with drugs and alcohol may be referred to Mr. Rob De Clark, a counsellor with the Raven Program who works out of the school on a part-time basis. Students who are having problems behaving appropriately in the school may also be referred to the Ace Room where they will be provided with additional counselling to enable them to cope better in the classroom.

Course Planning
The counsellors are available to assist students with selecting courses that meet graduation requirements, post-secondary plans, and personal interests. The Course Planning Guide is published in late winter and students make their course selections beginning in March.

Booking an Appointment

Except in the case of emergencies, all students must book appointments in order to see your counsellor. All appointments must be booked with the counselling secretary.
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