Topic outline

  • NorKam Secondary Online

  • School Goals and Mission

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  • School Documents

    This section contains electronic copies of various school communications including newsletters, notices, PAC minutes, broadcast messages, graduation newsletters, and other correspondence.

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  • Expectations and Policies

    The Student Handbook is under revision for the next school year. For information about the requirements for Achievement Honour Roll, Effort Honour Roll, Principal's List, and Gold Cord see the Principal's List and Honour Roll Criteria document below.

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  • Student Services

    Information about scholarships, course selections, and other services provided by the counselling staff.

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  • Graduation Information

    Descriptions of graduation events, and other important information for students expecting to graduate in the near future.

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  • Contact Information

    Contact information for administration, teaching, counselling, and support staff as well as the Parent Advisory Committee and the School Planning Council.

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  • School Programs

    Information regarding the special programs that are available at our school.

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  • Athletics

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  • Computer Network

    This section lists the resources available on the computer network and reviews student expectations for conduct while working on the network.

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  • NorKam Alumni Fund

    Student Opportunities
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  • IB DP Documents

    Special Events
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